Watching the detective/scene from The Mentalist

81U-69SPGLL._SL1500_Or: what good writing can do. In The Mentalist Season Six, episode 5, right when things are heating up in the hunt for the serial killer Red John, there’s this little scene between agents Cho and Rigsby, that, for my money, is the best thing in the episode. They’re taking a break to sit down and eat big bowls of fruit that Rigsby has bought for them from a street vendor.

Rigsby: [I’m] starving. Guess you burn a lot of calories, being a newlywed.

Cho: We’re not having this conversation.

R: It’s amazing. You’d think that marriage would cool things off, but for us, it’s just the opposite.

C: Please stop talking.

R: You know, I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Every morning when I wake up next to her, and every night when we go to bed together, I just think, ‘Wow.’ I’m the luckiest man in the world, you know?

C: I just lost my appetite.

R: So I want to say thank you, cause you were the one who made me take the risk.

C: I’m starting to regret it.

R: No, you’re a good friend, and I owe you. I’m going to find you somebody to love.

C: No, you’re not.

R: Yes I am. Trust me, there is no point in going through life alone….Are you really not going to eat that?

Cho passes Rigsby his bowl of fruit. Rigsby begins to eat.

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